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Bridgewalker is not her true name, her real name is unpronounceable by the human tongue. It is unclear what planet Bridgewalker came from but when she came to Seed Planet, she was a avatar of the Green and was forced to compete against other avatars to become the Protector of Seed Planet. There she stayed awaiting the time to choose the next protector.

Main Story Arcs

Animal Man

For more information see: Animal Man

Bridgewalker, realizing that she is getting old, and will not be much longer able to protect Seed World, calls upon several Avatars of the Red and Green. She teleports them to Seed World to fight to the last one standing. This victor is Buddy Baker, also known as Animal Man, on his home planet Earth. Bridgewalker introduces herself and informs Buddy of his new mission, but Buddy says no. This upsets Bridgewalker but then she remember the "little Pod" she left behind and makes a deal with Buddy. He can save his family but then when she dies he must take over as protector of Seed World. She then watches from afar as Buddy saves his family and brings order back to the Realm of the Red on Earth.


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