Bridget Clancy

    Character » Bridget Clancy appears in 49 issues.

    Bridget Clancy was Dick Grayson's landlady when he moved into an apartment in the city of Bludhaven, where he had a relationship with her for a short time, but eventually remained just friends with her.

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    Bridget Clancy was created by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel as a love interest for Dick Grayson. She made her debut in Nightwing #2.


    Bridget Clancy was the owner of 1013 Parkthorne Avenue an apartment building in the crime ridden city of Bludhaven. When Grayson decided to move into Bludhaven in an attempt to make the city his own, he moved into the apartment that Clancy owned because it was in the heart of the city, which Dick loved. During her time in the city she gained several high profile tenants such as Dick Grayson, retired superhero John Law who had already been there previous to Nightwing and eventually even the ex-Arkham Asylum inmate Amygdala, who had been allowed out of the Asylum on some medication that helped regulate his emotions. Upon Dick's arrival in the city she welcomed him into the apartment building with the two growing closer and Clancy growing an attraction to him, which seems to be mutual, but Dick has much in his way because his role as a Vigliante and as a member of the Bludhaven Police Department didn't give him much time. However, the two did end up having several dates but these ultimately went nowhere when Dick began his relationship with his first love Barbara Gordon, the ex-Batgirl who was now the Oracle. However the two ended up remaining extremely close friends and had a tight relationship as landlord and tenant. At one point Grayson secretly bought the building when Clancy faced losing it, allowing her to retain her job as the landlady.

    During the course of her job she is electrocuted while making repairs in the building, with her heart stopping and only being saved by Grayson giving her CPR until paramedics arrive. Shortly after this Dick urges her to pursue her dream to be in the medical field, which begins to come to fruition when she receives a scholarship from Wayne Industries spurring her to leave Bludhaven for another city. This fortunately spares her life as her former apartment building is blown up by Blockbuster with all but Grayson and Amygdala being killed.

    She later meets up with Grayson when he moves to New York City, where he learns she's succeeding at her dream as she studies clinical psychology. She has also begun her psychiatric residency at the Bellvue Hospital.


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