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The Selection for the Brides of Set began as a result of Priestlord Ghura attempt to resurrect the Elder God Set. He chose seven women (The Invisible Woman, She-Hulk, Jean Grey, Storm, The Scarlet Witch, Andromeda, and Dagger) for Set's brides, one for each of Set's heads

After Thor defeated Set, with the help of some of the Avengers, Ghaur and Llyra returned and tried to sacrifice the Seven Brides to bring power to the Serpent Crown and thus bring Set back. They sent their armies of Deviants and Lemurians to fight the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner, while Ghaur mentally probed the insides of the Crown. Doing so, Ghaur accidentally released the spirit of a previous holder of the Crown, Emperor Naga of Lemuria, who also wanted the power of the Crown. Naga and Ghaur fought using their mental powers, and finally both them and Llyra vanished.

 She-Hulk, Andromdea, Storm, Invisible Woman,Scarlet Witch, Dagger, and Jean Grey
 She-Hulk, Andromdea, Storm, Invisible Woman,Scarlet Witch, Dagger, and Jean Grey

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