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As opposed to most of his fellow Smashers, Beauford is a man that really has his act together. Having gotten a football scholarship in college, the man actually took full advantage of the academic facilities. Of course, he's one heck of a football player, too, so when he made it to the N.F.L., Beauford had a full education, one primarily focusing on business and finance, to back him up after his pro career.

Over time, Beauford came to be good friends with Jack 'Mr. Magnificent' Magniconte, as well as Thomas 'Suicide' Smythe and Dallas 'Dasher' Corbin, three of his fellow Smashers. Beauford was such good friends with this trio that, when Jack developed startling paranormal powers, his so-called 'edge', he joined up with Jack, Jack's wife Darlene, and the other two to form Kickers, Inc.

The purpose of this group was primarily to serve as an outlet for Jack's sense of personal responsibility, so he could use his incredible powers to help others in need - not just to score touchdowns. Of course, Beauford and his fellow Kickers would help him to do so by accompanying him on investigations into the bizarre, assisting people in the resolution of problems no one else can solve.

Of course, Beauford had more to offer to this group than his mere physical power; you see, he came up with the idea of running Kickers, Inc. as a sort of non-profit organization, thus gaining the football players one heck of a tax shelter. While they made no money doing their Kickers, Inc. adventuring, Beauford and the guys saved tons of money on their taxes, which more than made up for not getting paid.

For over a year, Beauford and his fellow Kickers went on one bizarre adventure after another, encountering robotic mini-tanks, would-be sorcerers, paranormal outlaws, and more. However, a particularly pesky C.I.A. operative determined that Jack was more human than human, and tried to induct him into the C.I.A.'s sphere of influence. Refusing, Jack decided to join the Army to serve his country in a way that he chose.

This kind of left Kickers, Inc. without their primary paranormal muscle, but with paranormals popping up like crazy at about this time, it's likely that the team had more than enough odd jobs to keep them busy. So, despite the lack of Jack, it's most likely that Beauford stuck with the Kickers, Inc. ideal along with Darlene and his fellow Smashers, helping those in need to this very day!


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