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Briar was a normal human woman whom happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She witnessed a battle fought by Magneto. During this battle, she was accidentaly and unintentionaly hit by a piece of mattle, which caused her the use of one of her legs. She later begain to obsses about Magneto, wanting artifacts of him and wanting to understand him better.


Briar Raleigh was created by Cullen Bunn and Gabriel Hernandez Walta and first appeared in Magneto issue 5 (2014).

Major Story Arcs

Finding Magneto

Brair searched for Magneto for some time and eventually found him. Her goal was to help him in his war against biggotry and racism againt mutants. At first, Magneto was relunctant to trust a human, especially one whom he had accidentaly hurt. But eventually the two began to trust each other and eventually started a romantic relationship. This all changed when the incursions started to happen, which spelled doom for the entire world. Magneot left Brair in hope of stopping the Universal Incursion, but failed. This causes the events of Secret Wars, after which Brair was not seen agian for some time.

With the Hellifre Club

More recently, Brair was seen again, seemingly now as a member of the Hellfire Club in New York City, among-side Magneto and others. What here role is, remains to be seen.


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