Brian Nudocerdo

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    Police commissioner of Star City.

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    Commissioner Brian Nudocerda is a corupt public offical who was feecing everyone in is Star City, from big bussiness to the little guy. He was parmont in the capture and arrest of Oliver Queen. It upset him greatly to discover the Oliver got off on the murder charge. He was planning on using Oliver's conviction as a platform for his mayoral run.

    Brightest Day

    Commissioner Nudocerda and Mayor Altman attend a fundraiser for the Star City disaster victims. The fundraiser is stopped when it is discovered that the Green Arrow has stolen all the food and given it directly to the homeless victims. Then next day Nudocerda is being driving threw Star City when his car is stop by a construction worker. Nudocerda gets inpatiecent and leaves the car to yell at the worker. The worker turns around and stabs the commissioner and slashes his neck wide open and runs off.

    Nudocerda is dead before any help can arrive.

    The Construction worker is later discovered to be Nix, a killer for hire, working for Isabel Rochev, and the killing was to make the Mayor afraid and inacted the Royal Guard.

    Arrow TV Series

    Brian Nudocerdo will be appearing in the Arrow TV Series and will be played by Robert Moloney


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