Bendis Spread too Thin?

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Bendis can be a great writer. His runs on Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man have been fantastic and when New Avengers started it was at least competent but then his work began to slip when he was spread over other Avenger books and events. While he can be good at the small character moments he just doesn't have the ideas for big team books and when he has to dilute his already weak ideas over several books it really shows. Now he will be writing at least 4 books, All new X-Men, Guardians and what i am assuming is Uncanny X-Men. plus he will be continuing on Ultimate Spidey. When you look at his recent Avengers work including the utterly appalling Assemble you will really see a lack of quality.

Does anyone else think 3 big team books for Bendis is pushing it? I just don't know if he has the skill to pull it off. As a huge X-Men and cosmic fan i am beginning to get quite nervous about these books.

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Yes Avengers Assemble was shocking. And it cost me more cause I had to ship it.

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One or two of his titles always suffers. In this case, it's currently Uncanny (stilted dialogue, bad action/plot) and Guardians (he has watered-down and badly characterized all of them).

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