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    Brian K. Vaughan is an American comic writer and the creator of such acclaimed series as Runaways for Marvel, Y: The Last Man for Vertigo, and Ex Machina for Wildstorm. Currently writing his creator-owned titles Saga at Image and The Private Eye at Panel Syndicate.

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    Brian Keller Vaughan is an American comic book writer, best known for his work in creating Marvel Comics' Runaways, Vertigo's Y: The Last Man, and Wildstorm's Ex Machina.

    Vaughan was born in 1976, in Cleveland, Ohio (referenced often in his work - for instance, Cloak and Dagger, during their two-part guest spot in Runaways, discuss a debacle in Cleveland that gave them their powers back. The city also serves as the primary setting for Vaughan's six-part Escapists series, additionally in Y: The Last Man Yorick Brown was born in Cleveland and grew up in Ohio and his mother Representative Jennifer Brown represents the state). After working in with a Marvel initiative to give new creators their big break, Vaughan gained his first credits working on Cable, and the 1997 Ka-Zar Annual. He later worked on a Chamber miniseries at Marvel, and developed a new character in Parker Robbins, main character of The Hood.

    Whilst he is notable for having done substantial work with established characters, such as a stint on Batman, and a Spider-Man mini-series, Vaughan has stated he feels more comfortable creating new characters, evidenced by his work on Runaways, wherein he created nearly two dozen new characters, alongside co-creator Adrian Alphona. Vaughan and Alphona worked on nearly fifty consecutive issues of the series, before passing the torch to Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and artist Michael Ryan.

    Launched during Marvel's Tsunami wave of new books, Runaways was the only book to survive the demise of the imprint, though it ended at issue 18 - Only to start with a new #1 a few months later. However, during the early days of the imprint, Vaughan was the initial writer on Mystique, later to be succeedded by Sean McKeever.

    September 2002 saw the launch of what may be Vaughan's most celebrated work, in Y: The Last Man. The series deals with the concept of being the last man on Earth, with hordes of women gunning for him, as he struggles to make his way to his long-time love. Vaughan has stated the series will end at it's 60th issue.

    In August 2004, Vaughan launched Ex Machina with artists Tony Harris, Tom Feister and JD Mettler, receiving tremendous acclaim for their portrayal of Mitchell Hundred, formerly the world's only superhero, who eventually becomes New York's mayor. The series deals with prominent political issues, such as Hundred's decision to allow an anti-war demonstration to take place protesting the Second Gulf War, and the effects of that. The most recent arc dealt with the recent blackout that hit New York in August 2003.

    Last year, Vaughan, alongside artist Niko Henrichon, created Pride of Baghdad, an Original Graphic Novel under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. It is based around a true story, regarding a family of lions that escaped the Baghdad zoo, and their subsequent dealings with the outside world. The story draws comparisons to the US invasion of Iraq, in that the lions immediately have a worse state of life outside the zoo, than within, potentially suggesting Vaughan is against the war.

    Like many creators today, Vaughan runs his own website and forums, at BKV.TV, where he frequently communicates with his fans, affectionately referred to as Caballeros. He has also recently become a writer on the Lost TV series.

    In 2008, Vaughan wrote a mini series about Wolverine called 'Logan'. Eduardo Risso did the covers and the interior artwork for the 3 part series. The story was about Wolverine in Hiroshima, Japan during World War II. The story was well received by critics and ran from March to May.

    Vaughan won the 2005 Eisner Award for Best Writer for his work on Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, and Ultimate X-Men.


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