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    Character » Brian Griffin appears in 15 issues.

    Brian is a talking dog that is a member of the Griffin family in Quahog, Rhode Island. He often drinks and enjoys jazz music.

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    Brian was born in Austin Texas in a litter of five puppies to Biscuit and Koko. Out of his litter, he was the only one that could talk, or had any human features. He eventually came to Rhode Island to go to school at Brown University, but never graduated.

    Brian was found by Peter Griffin on a lousy street washing windows with a bottle of cleaner and a newspaper. He appeared to be in bad shape, hungry and dirty. Peter offered to take him home with him, and Brian accepted, and still lives with the Griffin Family.

    Brian is fairly intelegent, and displays behaviors of both humans and dogs. He can walk upright, drive, and speaks perfect english, but can also speak broken spanish. He is affraid of the vaccum cleaner and often licks himself or eats garbage.

    Brian loves music, mostly jazz and opera. He loves to sing and dance, and is seen doing so with Stewie Griffin on several occasions. His favorite jazz performer is John Coltrane. He can sing like a barbershop quartet on his own. Brian loves to write as well, as he has written scripts to movies that have never been produced and works on writing a novel in which he never finishes. Stewie makes fun of him that he can never finish his book. He eventually finished his novel "Faster Than the Speed of Love." and it was published and put into Oprah's book club when Lois's father Carter tried to get Brian to do an anti marijuana campaign. The novel became the worst selling book of all time, selling 0 copies worldwide. He has only won one award which was later revealed to be from a group of mentally handicapped adults. He has also written a television pilot "What I Learned on Jefferson Street." which was picked up by CBS. Brian wanted Elijah Wood to play the lead role but they later picked James Woods instead to play the role. CBS then changed his pilot from a drama about a college dropout going back to college for his daughter to a father and daughter going to college comedy. Brian later quit since he couldn't do what he wanted to do with the show.

    Brian is an alcoholic, and he often drinks hard liquor. He has smoked, and once been involved in drugs like cocaine and marijuana.

    Brian has held many different part-time jobs, including a drug sniffing dog, a waiter, and a car wash attendant.

    Brian has had many love intrests. He has dated both human and animals. He is especially in love with Peter's wife, Lois Griffin. She does not share his love, so he has moved on. He has also dated a dimwitted blonde named Jillian and Hills star Lauren Conrad. Many of his dates have only been for cutaway gags, he has dated girls like the chick from the bathroom sign and some random 40 year old. He was also engaged to a 50 year old Rita but they broke up after Brian slept with a girl in college. Lois's father's dog, Seabreeze, had a relationship with Brian, although she could not talk. They ran away with each other, but they were tracked down, and brought home. Seabreeze became pregnant, and later has children, but the father turns out to be Ted Turner.


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