Brian Falsworth

    Character » Brian Falsworth appears in 108 issues.

    First became the Destroyer, then later followed his father's mantle as Union Jack the second. He was the brother of Spitfire, whom also became part of the team of Invaders

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    Brian is the son of Lord Falsworth and the brother to Jacqueline Falsworth. He was raised in the Falsworth Manor. Brian used the name of Keene Marlow. Brian and his childhood friend and lover Roger Aubrey left England to go to Germany to promote peace instead of war at the beginning of World War 2. In Germany the two would be arrested by the Gestapo for their anti-war propaganda. The two were separated and brought to different prisons.

    While in prison he met Professor Schmitt who was imprisoned by the Red Skull for having a Jewish background. Schmitt worked along side Professor Erskine before he defected to the America to create the super-soldier formula and made Captain America. Schmitt had made a formula of his own while in prison and gave it to Brian to take back to the Allied forces. Yet, Brian had a different idea. Some guards heard sounds coming from their jail cell and came in firing their weapons and fatally shot Schmitt. Brian who just took the formula himself, which enhanced his strength and reflexes, retaliated and broke free from the prison. While free, he donned a costume as the Destroyer and fought Nazis within their country.


    Brian Falsworth was created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins and first appeared (as the Destroyer) in The Invaders Volume 1 issue 18 (1977).

    Major Story Arcs

    World War Two

    Brian being sizzled by Thor
    Brian being sizzled by Thor

    During this time his boyfriend, Roger Aubry, was being experimented on and became brain-washed with the powers to shrink in size. The Germans send Roger to England to confront the Invaders. After a brief fight, Roger's memory was restored and Lord Falsworth and Roger smuggled themselves into Germany to locate Brian. They were surrounded by Germans, but ironically were saved by the Destroyer who was Brian. Brian revealed his identity to his father and his father to him, and Brian decided to become Union Jack persona as his father before him. Roger decided to give-up his Dino-mite costume and become the new Mighty Destroyer.

    Becoming Union Jack

    As Union Jack, Brian would join the Invaders throughout the whole World War. On one mission Hitler summoned and mind controlled Thor to kill Joseph Stalin, but he was under the Invaders protection. During the battle Brian changed places with Stalin and was electrocuted by lighting from Thor's hammer and in the aftermath he gained the power to shoot lighting through his finger tips.

    After the War

    Brian and Roger would reconcile together after the war and became very close. During this time other World War superheroes decided to make a peace keeping world organization known as the V-Battalion. In which both Brian and Roger was part of. Brian would die in the early fifties in a car crash. It was a sad death for a great hero.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Marvel Avenger's Academy

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    Union Jack was a recruitable character during the British Invasion event of this mobile app game.


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