Brian Azzarello is Overrated

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Brian Azzarello is one of the biggest names in comics today, and he gets tons of work, and is put on a quite a few high profile books. For example he recently landed the gig to write both Rorschach and the Comedian books for the Watchmen Prequels. I've read a lot of his stuff. And you know what, nothing he's written I have ever found to be that good. I don't know how he got so big.

100 Bullets is Azzarello's biggest claim to fame. I read the whole series, I really enjoyed the first 25 issues or so, but I struggled to get through the last 75. Finally when I did finish the series it was highly unsatisfactory and convoluted.

Then one of Azzarello's other most popular comics was his Joker Graphic Novel. Which was only okay. It came off as a Heath Ledger Dark Knight cash-in, and made the Joker some sort of gangster mafioso type character instead of the Joker character we know.

Then there was Spaceman, which I and a lot of people found awful.

His run on Wonder Woman is getting decent reviews, but I find it a little confusing and hard to follow.

I don't know. I'm just getting sick of all the praise he gets. And want it to be known, that not everyone thinks he's awesome, and in many ways he is overrated and gets more work than he should.

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I really like his run on Superman: For Tomorrow. Couldn't really care less about anything else.

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You have no idea what you are talking about.

If you think he is overrated then its your opinion.

What is confusing about Brian's Wonder Woman?

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Azzarello said in an interview that the resemblance of his Joker to The Dark Knight's Joker was complete coincidence.

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I think he's pretty good and rated about where he should be.

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Burn the heathen!

No but seriously, i think Azzarello is usually treated with a suitable amount of acclaim. I really enjoyed his Superman: For Tomorrow, thought his Batman Knight of Vengeance was a well written twist on the Batman mythology and he's managed to actually get me interested in Wonder Woman again. Personally, i think he's great.

However i do understand some of the criticisms he gets, his current Wonder Woman run for example, is very decompressed and at times assumes the reader will be more than happy to fill in the gaps that he leaves in the narrative. While he's certainly not everyone's cup of tea, i don't believe he has entered the realm of overrated.

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I strognly disagree.

1. I'm a big fan of his. I've read a good portion of his stuff. He might be my favorite writer or at least in the top 5.

2. You didn't like 100 Bullets? :o It's my favorite series of all time and one of the best runs in comics. It got better after every issue. I should slap everyone who hates the series. That would be less than ten people.

3. His Joker is my favorite Joker story. Screw The Killing Joke. It had nothing to do with the movie IIRC from an interview.

4. Just like aztek said it's not finished yet so you can't really say.

5. I still haven't read his Wonder Woman but he's the only reason I'm going to get it.

6. Just like Afro_Warrior said his not entered in the realm of overrating like Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Brian Bendis, Mark Millar etc. I find him to be in the same category as Peter Milligan, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, all who are better than the previously mentioned.

@PowerHerc said:

I think he's pretty good and rated about where he should be.

He should be rated higher :p

@aztek_the_lost said:

Haven't read much of his other stuff personally.

You should :p


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I seemed to have stirred up quite the ruckus with my overrated comments. I just want to be clear, I'm not calling him bad, I just think he is average.

And I may be in the minority on this but I thought 100 Bullets was really good in the beginning, but I felt I had to start taking notes to follow what was going on, and in the end was disappointed with the series. Spaceman I really disliked first issue, don't really want to continue it.

His Wonder Woman run is going okay. Joker was okay. Lex Luther Man of Steel was okay. All kind of average. Not amazing.

I forgot about this. Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance. That I really enjoyed.

Haven't read Hellblazer, El Diablo or Jonny Double, or anything else by him.

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@dannymalt: I disagree and also Joker was written before Dark Knight so your wrong about it being a cash in.
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@dannymalt: I hated Batman Broken City. The world's greatest detective didn't actually detect. He ran around the city, getting beaten up by a little girl and was out-witted by Killer Croc. It was a crock alright.

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Didn't Joker come out in October and TDK in summer though?

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@Billy Batson said:


Didn't Joker come out in October and TDK in summer though?

yea it should have said written before
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Broken City was good. 
100 Bullets is one of the best series I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

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Jesus Christ, 100 Bullets was unsatisfactory? It was a Vertigo series! Written by Brian Azzarello!

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100 Bullets was good. Joker was great. 
For Tomorrow is the worst Superman comic ever written, it made Grounded look well-plotted.   
He's just decent. He's not the best, but he's not the worst either. 

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No one else could make me attempt a Wonder Woman book outside of JL.

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I read his Joker book a long time ago before I really know who he was. All I really remember is that I didn't like the artwork. The only work of his I'm really familiar with is Wonder Woman which I think is extremely overrated.

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@jonny_anonymous: That looks better then I remember. It's possible I mixed up his comic with someone else's Joker comic.

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