Character » B'rett appears in 2 issues.

    Early Martian Manhunter villain who caused him to reveal his presence on Earth, leading to his joining the Justice League of America. The only known Yellow Martian in DC continuity.

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    B'rett is a yellow-skinned Martian criminal who was captured and exposed to Formula Z6, a chemical that makes it impossible for Martians to use any of their powers while invisible. B'rett escaped Mars in an experimental missile and reached Earth, where he began a rampage of theft and wanton destruction. When the Martian Manhunter tried to stop B'rett, he was nearly gunned down, and B'rett exposed him to Formula Z6. In order to prevent B'rett from killing some policemen, the Martian Manhunter revealed his presence on the Earth for the first time, as well as the Martian weakness to fire, which he used to subdue B'rett. When last seen, B'rett was returned to the missile, which was launched into orbit around Mars.

    Powers & Abilities

    B'rett has been shown to have hurricane force super-breath, intangibility, invulnerability, as well as incredible strength and speed. It is likely that he can turn invisible, but not without losing his other powers. It is likely B'rett has other classic Martian abilities. He carries a ray gun capable of killing his fellow Martians holstered on his hip.


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