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Bres s a character from irish folklore.


Bres is a member of the Fomore. For centuries, he fought against the forces of Avalon alongside the other Fomore.

Bres fought the Avengers when they were summoned by Amergin to defend Avalon from total defeat by the Fomore. However, Bres abandoned the fight to travel to Earth via Amergin's mystic connection to Dr. Druid. Bres intended to kill Dr. Druid, and trap the Avengers elsewhen. He was defeated by Thor and She-Hulk when Balor returned them to the modern era.

Bres was imprisoned in Project: Pegasus. He disabled his cell, and attempted to quietly take over Project: Pegasus. Iron Fist and the Falcon defeated Bres. It is presumed that Bres remains imprisoned at Project: Pegasus.

Powers and Abilities

Bres is extremely powerful. He has superhuman strength and durability, can shapeshift, and is presumably immortal. Bres upper power levels are unknown, but he has been shown to knock out the Black Knight with a single blow and challenge Thor and She-Hulk. Bres has precognitive abilities.

Bres is also a very powerful mystic. He has been shown to fire energy blasts, telekinetically move objects, can draw forth people's dark sides to weaken or control them, and create illusions. Bres traveled along the mystic connection Dr. Druid established with Amergin to reach Earth. He was powerful enough to free Mjolnir from Thor's grasp.

Bres is vulnerable to iron, which weakens his powers.


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