Brent Jackson

    Character » Brent Jackson appears in 128 issues.

    Brent Jackson was a Weapon X agent who ascended to the position of Director after The Director himself was forced out of said position in an overthrow of leadership.

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    Not much is known about Brent Montgomery Jackson's history before he became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.He had however been working with them for a longer period of time. Although he had some esteem in the organization, he was unhappy with his status and his work. This would soon change...

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Rogue agent of SHIELD

    For more information see: The Hunted

    When Logan, better known as Wolverine, was framed for the murder of Senator Walsh, Nick Furycould not bring him in due to a conflict of interests. Instead Brent Jackson was dispatched to organize the capture. Fury, suspecting Jackson would have Logan killed, hired a bounty hunter named the Shiver Man to capture Logan first. The Shiver Man failed, however, and Jackson managed to trap Logan with the help of a Nick Fury Life Model Decoy. An infuriated Fury decided to send the Shiver Man to monitor Jackson. Jackson was actually working for the Weapon X program under new director Malcolm Colcord. Jackson's job was to retrieve Wolverine and imprison him in The Cage, a high-powered prison. Wolverine would then be handed over to Victor Creed, who was also working for Weapon X. Things however did not work out as they hoped since Wolverine managed to prove his innocence and had agent Jackson's cover blown. Jackson then had to flee SHIELD and started working permanently with the Weapon X program.

    Weapon X

    The director began to distrust Jackson later on, and during an argument over Sabretooth's loyalties and criminal behavior, Colcord slapped Jackson. When Jackson tried to attack Colcord in retaliation, he learned that he had an implanted chip that prevented him from doing so. Colcord then suspended him from duty and imprisoned him. Eventually, the director decided to return Jackson to duty but under close observation. Jackson then cleverly worked to gain the trust of misfit agents such as Wild Child, Sauron, and Washout. When Colcord became wrapped up in his new found relationship with Agent Aurora, Jackson used this moment to stage a coup with his small faction of agents and a truce with the Underground. Upon his success, he turned on the Underground and declared himself the new director of Weapon X. When the War of the Programs started, Jackson and his troop went into hiding.

    His current whereabouts are unknown.

    Personal Data


    Director of Weapon X; former deputy director and recruiter for Weapon X, SHIELD special agent




    SHIELD agent training




    185 lbs.






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