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    Friend of Jaime Reyes.

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    Brenda is one of Jaime's best friends. She attends the same high school as Jaime in . Paco and she was with Jaime on the fateful day when he first discovered the mystical scarab in a disused lot on the way home from school. During the year of Jaime’s disappearance after becoming the Blue Beetle, Brenda was taken in by her aunt - later revealed to be a local crime lord, La Dama - following the death of her abusive father. On Jaime’s return, Brenda quickly discovered that their friend had become the meta-human and crime fighter known as Blue Beetle. She quickly adjusted to Jaime’s superhero status and has risen to the challenge of being his crime fighting accomplice, as well as his friend. Brenda even helped Jaime thwart the alien civilization known as the Reach from fulfilling their ambitions to take over the Earth.

    Major Story Arcs


    For more information see: Shellshocked

    Brenda, Paco and Jamie are walking home from school when Jamie finds the Blue Beetle Scarb. Not knowing what it is Jamie takes it home. The next day Brenda, Paco and Jamie are walking to school, when Jamie is approached by Probe, but Brenda is too busy arguing with Paco to notice. Jamie then disappears for a year.

    Then at some point in the next year, Brenda's father beats her and the police are called. Brenda's father is put in jail and Brenda goes to live with her aunt Amparo. While living there Brenda's father is killed in prison. Unknown to Brenda, her father was killed by one of her aunts hired thugs as revenge for hurting Brenda.

    Then Jamie returns home and meets with Brenda and Paco, outside of school. Brenda is so happy to see Jamie but she is mad that he disappeared. Jamie then shows Brenda that he is now the Blue Beetle and she offers to help him figure out whats happening.

    The New 52: Blue beetle

    For more information see: The New 52

    Brenda is having her Quinceanera, a coming of age party, at her Aunt Amparo's mansion when the Blue Beetle shows up with Paco. Brenda's aunt makes Brenda go inside but she sneaks out just in time to see the Blue Beetle shooting at her aunt and her guards. Then when the Beetle tries to explain to Paco and her aunt what is happening Brenda thinks he is going to hurt them and steps in. This act causes the Beetle to fly off, Brenda never learns that the guards fired first and Beetle was only defending himself.

    Not knowing that the Beetle is really Jaime nor that her Aunt is really the La Dama, and the person after the Scarab that powers the Beetle, Brenda begs her aunt to help her find her friend. Her aunt agrees and lies saying she has all the police looking for Jaime.

    When Jaime returns to school, Brenda knows something is going on but can't figure out what. She is the one that tells Jaime that Paco was attacked again and thinks they might come after Jaime next. Jaime runs away from Brenda, and unknown to Brenda flies off to save Paco.

    Later when Paco is taken to the hospital, for wounds caused by the Blue Beetle, Brenda is there. She confides in Jaime that Paco asked her out and she said no. She feels that that's why he is in the situation he is in. Still not knowing that Jaime is the real reason.

    Later when Paco breaks out of the hospital, Brenda goes to Jaime's house for help. She is there when Paco shows up as the Red Beetle and attacks Jaime. Jaime is able to change and get the Red Beetle outside before Brenda finds out and get hurt. Brenda then watches the two Beetles fight and when it looks like Paco might win Jaime bluffs and threatens Brenda. He smacks her and holds a gun to her head, this is enough to pull Paco out of Red Beetles control and make him revert to normal.

    Brenda blames Blue Beetle for everything and he flies off, she still does know that Jaime is the Blue Beetle nor that he did everything to save Paco and her.


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