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The history of Brekknis is a grim one. It was at war for three thousand cycles over every reason the population could dream of fighting for. Then came a messenger that that showed them the ways of peace. The messenger stayed for ten years and left, swearing to return. 
But not all would follow this faith. Those who would not believe were all murdered in a planet wide genocide. Two hundred cycles of peace and prosperity followed, and the Brekk began to travel into space to spread their religion. 
In their travels they met the Ama Collective, who began to impose their Utopian society upon the Brekk. They outlawed the Brekk's religion, which harbored much hatred among the Brekk for the Ama. The planet once again became an industrialized wasteland, hardly the Utopia that the Ama tried to make. The Ama secretly plotted to wage war against the Brekk.
With a captured cosmic being, the Ama forced it to make a monster appear on Brekk daily to attack them. The Ama then brought the Silver Surfer to them in order to stop the beast and make the Brekk believe that their savior had returned. This worked, and the Brekk worshiped the Surfer as the Lightlord. The Ama then began to disrespect the Surfer and even crucified him on Brekknis in order to get the Brekk to wage war on them. This plan was successful.
Despite the Surfer's efforts, he could not stop the two planets from waging war and left them to their fates.

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