Breeze Barton

    Character » Breeze Barton appears in 9 issues.

    Who can say what strange horrors are to be found in 1995? Breeze Barton knows!

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    Barton was a hero from Earth-4040. Shot down in Africa while fighting the Japanese during World War II, Barton becomes trapped in a strange deserted area there. He first finds an underground super city, and then a woman from that city with whom he finds himself projected into the year 1995 where they help the last outpost of civilization fight off barbarians. He has a zap gun and a jet pack and is pretty much just a rip off of Buck Rogers.


    Breeze Barton was created by an unknown artist and writer and first appeared in Daring Mystery Comics issue 3 (1940).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Marvel Zombies

    Nothing was heard from Breeze Barton until he was (apparently brought to the 616 'present time' dimension) drafted by A.R.M.O.R. into a fighting squad to help fight off a coming Nazi Zombie invasion. Barton accepted and became part of the "Ducky Dozen" after witch they where send of into the other dimension through a dimensional travel plane. The team immediately came under heavy zombie fire (as in, the zombies fired themselves towards the plain). Barton jumped out of their plane to shoot any incoming zombies and successfully landed to clear a spot for his team. However when all seems clear, Barton is gutted and torn apart by a zombified Namor the Submariner, killing him almost immediately.


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