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Breathtraker is an albino dwarf who was abandoned by his own parents. His appearance made him a target of bullying through his childhood and early life. But the young man designed an exosceleton for himself which allowed him to pass for a regular human. He had by that time acquired a hatred for the rest of humanity. Creating the Breathtaker identity, he set out to become an influential underworld figure and spread terror. 
Breathtaker first surfaced as leader of the Assassination Bureau, a mercenary organization. His opperatives included Bazooka Joan, Incognito, Mindboggler and Stratos. The 2000 Committee hired the Assassination Bureau to capture Firestorm. Breathtaker used all his agents in a prolonged cat-and-mouse game against him. When all four failed, their leader vowed to personally kill Firestorm. Instead Breathtaker was himself defeated and captured. Firestorm went on to destroy the Assassination Bureau's complex and put an end to the 2000 Committee.

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