Character » Breakdown appears in 8 issues.

    She is member of Gen14. She can dissamble molecules.

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    Originally called Goo because her molecular dismemberment ability caused her victims to turn into a melting pile of semi-liquid matter, Holly Denton was a member of the genetically engineered group Gen 14.

    Gen 14 were cloned and put into harsh training sessions that forced them to use their powers offensively or seemingly be killed. The trauma affected Holly most dramatically and left her scared and unhinged for periods of time.

    She encountered Gen 13's Caitlin Fairchild and Burnout, warning them of a danger headed their way. Cautious due to Denton knowing their super identities and abilities, the duo mistrusted the girl at first. Fairchild tried to grab Holly for answers, but ended up injuring herself due to Goo's powers. Luckily, Fairchild's enhanced durability prevented her from experiencing any significant damage. Holly helped free Freefall from Dr. Cross and Megan's clutches and later joined Gen 13 under the name Breakdown.

    While the team cooperated with the Paladins, Holly's tracking device led her other team, Gen 14, to the group's whereabouts, greatly angering her new teammates.

    Powers and abilities

    Holly Denton has the ability to disassemble molecules either by touch or by a visible collection of spheres she controls with her mind. Dismembering molecules causes objects and people to melt into a liquid state.


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