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    Major Tim Zanetti

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    Breach started off in the U.S army. Breach's real name is Tim Zanetti. He has a wife and had an infant son. In 1983, Tim Zanetti began a project named "Project Otherside." The goal of the project was too probe other dimensions. The project went wrong and it sent Tim Zanetti into the future many years later. Many things had changed since he is now in the future. His wife is married to his friend, who was with him in the military. Now the man who has his wife is also chief in command and has taken his place. The name of the man who has taken his wife and his spot is Mac McClellen. His infant son, which he had with his wife, is all grown up and 20 years old. Ever since the accident Tim Zanetti body has been radiated to such a degree that what ever he touches is eradicated. Now Tim Zangetti is Breach and he faces many obstacles. His mind is not very stable. General McClellen tells Zanetti thast his family dies the same instant he came into contact with the rift. He wants to use Zanetti as a "tool" against the other domensional denizens dubbed "Rifters".

    The Rifters need to inhabit human hosts and take physical form to survive. THey want global annihilation of the humans and a "Rift" agent known as Jakob Kekana. He was an African herdsman who was possessed and deformed by a rifter. He wants to know why Zanetti is not bound by the parasitic Rifter mind. He has surpassed the power of Superman and for unknown reasons, has allied with Talia Al Ghul, who he does not consider to be weak. Breach has fought the KObra organization and met up againt the JLA, and tangled with Superman on more than one occassion.

    It is discovered that had the Mutiverse survived to the present, Breach would have been Earth 8's version of Captain Atom. Breach escapes from Alexander Luthor's prison. He joins a makeshift army of heroes battling The Secret Society of Supervillians over Metroplois. Superboy-Prime ruptures Breach's containment suit killing him and Technocrat. Captain Atom is standing where Breach was moments after he exploded.

    Breach is reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps and travels to Earth-Prime with other heroes to kill Superboy-Prime. They are destroyed when Super-Boy Prime cycles through the emotional spectrum in the black lantern ring which results in a burst of colored energy and kills the Black Lantern Corps.

    Monarch had found another Breach floating in the Quantum Dimension, where Captain Atom derives his powers. This new breach was brain-dead and now was rebuilt to serve Monarch.

    Breach broke free of Monarch's control and was slain by him.

    Tim Zanetti Jr., son of Tim Zanetti joins Project 7734. General Sam heads the military funded project. Zanetti Jr. discovers Project Breach, that deals with a powerful weapon, a planet breaker. Project Breach is a red herring. The planet breaker is an amnesiac Captain Atom, that parallels Breach in origin and final fate. Breach is made of energy like Captain Atom and Major Victory. If he is completely destroyed is unknown.


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