Brass Frogs

    Object » Brass Frogs appears in 32 issues.

    Two ancient golden colored frogs. One can travel time and the other space. They are trouble makers for the Black Panther.

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    The King Solomon`s Frogs were found in the Wakandan Kingdom by the Black Panther and Mr.Little .One brass frog can bring anyone from the present to the past or future ,the other brass frog can send anyone from the present to the past or future .

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    When combined they grant the owner immense power able to do both and the allow the weilder to travel light years in space to another location.Some of the beings that were brought to the present are:Aladdin`s Genie,The Black Panther, Hatch-22, Kiber the Cruel and his guards ,The Loch Ness Monster,an American President,The Prime Minister of Canada, Iron Man and a Warlord .

    King Solomon`s Frogs were sought by the Collectors of them only Alfred Queely was the first to found one .


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