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    There has been two Brass Bishops.

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    Benedicto de Vica Severtes was a priest in Alicante, Spain. He fell in love with a beautiful woman named Beatriz. He wanted to be with her but it was against the creed he took, which meant God would not assist him with this desire. So he decided to turn to Mephisto for help in exchange for his soul. Later Mephisto fulfilled his end of the bargain,but in the end it turned out that Beatriz was actually a nun. Severtes finally had Beatriz's heart but they could never truly be together because of her creed. Enraged at his ill position Severtes devised a plan to create an armor that can protect the soul of the wearer.In order for the armor to have that power, a pure soul would be necessary; that is where Beatriz became useful.

    Because of the armor Mephisto was no longer to sense Severtes' soul; so he sent his demon minion Dargil to investigate. When Dargil arrived at Severtes' location, Severtes chopped off Dargil's head and bonded it to a chain; makin Dargil his servant. He then challenge Mephisto for the right of his soul but Mephisto would only give back his soul only in exchange for Beatiz' soul which was in heaven. Severtes swore he would never commit such an action, but as time passed he got tired of hiding behind enchanted armor to avoid his bad deal with Mephisto. So he decided to take her soul from heaven by building the Tower of Babel and using the Solomon Seal.

    Many years later there is trouble in Whitecross, Newfoundland. Apparently many of the town's citizens have been disappearing So The Alpha Flight is sent to investigate. Upon their arrival they find that that all of the women have been zombified except for one little girl. When the AF find this girl she leads them to the one who is responsible for this mayhem; The Brass Bishop who is found being carried on a mountain of his selves making his way to the tower of babel. As he makes his way into the tower he searches for the Solmon Seal, an item that he plans to use to open the doors of heaven. Of course his search for the seal is hindered due to the involvement of Alpha Flight. Then the Brass Bishop finds an ally in a zombified Puck thanks to his soul stealer, Dargil. The Bishop uses Puck to find the Seal, but in the end as they all stand before Heaven's gate the fight intensifies; and something in the zombified Puck causes him to turn against the Bishop. Puck then uses the seal to unlock the Bishop's armor which makes his soul available for the taking; a chance that Mephisto take full advantage of. Thanks to Puck's heroic action all of the citizen's soul have been returned from the clutches of the Brass Bishop.


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