Character » Branwilla appears in 12 issues.

    Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 674.

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    Green Lantern

    • Status: Deceased
    • Space Sector: 674
    • Sector Partner: Service pre-dated Sector Partners
    • Homeworld: Bolovax Vik
    • Predecessor: Unknown
    • Successor: Kilowog


    Branwilla was the predecessor to Kilowog, the Green Lantern of Bolovax Vik. Bolovax Vik has produced a long and proud line of Green Lanterns. Like Kilowog, Branwilla was chosen by "the mass" encompassing the communal mind-force of the entire population of Bolovax Vik. Among the many strong wills of the Bolovax Vik, the mass has faithfully chosen the strongest will amongst them to wield the Green Lantern ring. The circumstances of Branwilla's death are unknown. Kilowog himself simply stated that she had "skrimmed it", presumably Bolovakian slang for dying.

    Blackest Night

    Branwilla was resurrected, along with the other Fallen Lanterns as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. The newly resurrected Fallen Lanterns then start a battle against the current Green Lanterns. Branwilla can be seen with the crowd of Black Lanterns, in the far right of the crowd. She is the only Bolovakian Black Lantern known to have risen. It is assumed, due do the destruction of the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, she once more rests in peace...

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