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    Brane is the Batman of the 31st Century, and a descendant of Bruce Wayne.

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    Brane in his first appearance
    Brane in his first appearance

    In one possible future, the utopian Earth of the year 3000 is conquered by the armies of Fura, from Saturn. A young man named Brane, alongside his young friend Ricky, find a time capsule from the 1939 World's Fair that contains newsreel footage of Batman and Robin. This inspires the two to become the Batman and Robin of their era.

    Brand and Ricky lead guerrilla attacks against the Saturnian ammunition factories, rendering the soldiers useless. After liberating humanity from the Iron Heel of Fura, Brane leads an attack on Saturn itself. There, the humans destroy a large power tower and discover that it had powered the Saturnian troops- they were robots. Brane kills Fura in combat after puncturing his space suit in orbit. Following this, he discovered he was a descendant of Batman- in the future, given names and surnames are streamed together, making his name a combination of Bruce Wayne.

    Brane Taylor appeared again, this time time claiming to be from the year 3051. At this point Brane has begun operating out of a large tower he calls the Bat Belfry, complete with its own trophy room, and has vehicles such as the Bat Ship. In this appearance, Brane travels back in time to recruit the 20th century's Robin when his Robin is injured while attempting to arrest a criminal named Yerxa, who was part of a smuggling operation that smuggled volatile ore called Vulcanite. Yerxa was working alongside a telepath called the Dome, and when Brane and Dick confront the two, the Dome is able to discern the identity of the Batman of the 31st Century. This causes a sensation at Yerxa's trial, until another Batman comes to the trial. Later this Batman is revealed to be Bruce Wayne, brought forward in time for just such an occasion. Following this, Brane gives Batman and Robin a time radio in case they need to contact him again.

    A bit later, Bruce Wayne contacts Brane after he breaks his arm. Bruce needed someone to fill in for him so that no one can discern his secret identity. Brane helps Robin rescue Vicki Vale from a criminal before returning to his home time.


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    Brane was assumed to be removed from continuity following the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but recently was shown in a possible future, fighting guerrilla warfare against the robot Iron Heel of Fura once again.

    Brane again resurfaced when it is shown that he and the Superwoman of the 31st Century, Elna Kent fought the Lord of Time after Kent Shakespeare, that time's Superman, was incapacitated during the Miracle Monday celebration. In this appearance Brane appears to be partnered with the Tom Wayne Robin.

    Powers and Abilities

    Brane possesses a keen tactical mind, but no special abilities or powers. He as an array of gadgets in his Batsuit, including rocket jets in his boots, an invisibilty device and a truth spray that he can use to get the truth out of criminals. He can fly using his rockets jets and cape. He also knows futuristic techniques such as "scientific massage" which can heal broken bones.


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