Brandy Clark

    Character » Brandy Clark appears in 86 issues.

    She is the Prime Director of Galador and the widow of the legendary Spaceknight ROM, with whom she produced two sons: Balin and Tristan. She was also the second person to hold the title of Starshine.

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    Brandy was the first Earth human to encounter Rom upon his arrival on the planet Earth in Clairton, West Virginia. He used his translator to explain his mission to her. Hesitant at first to believe the alien cyborg and his story, Brandy soon believed him and joined ROM when her friends and family where killed by the Dire Wraiths.


    Brandy Clark was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema and first appeared in Rom #1 (1979).

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining ROM

    Brandy joined ROM on his mission to defeat the evil Dire Wraiths, and over time she fell in love with him. In Rom #40, she became magically bonded to the armor of Starshine, a deceased, female Spaceknight. She took to fighting alongside Rom as the second Starshine. In Rom Annual #3, Brandy was separated from her armor and resumed her human identity. She is the second person to wear the Starshine armor and joined him in his cause.

    After the War

    Doctor Dredd merging Brandy to the Starshine armor
    Doctor Dredd merging Brandy to the Starshine armor

    When Rom finished his war with the Dire Wraiths the cyborg left to return to his native planet, Galador. Brandy felt lost without him and convinced the Beyonder to transport her to Galador as well. The duo found Galador to have changed considerably in Rom's absence. The planet had lost contact with their Spaceknights for sometime and its inhabitants were worried about being defenseless without them. They had created a second generation of Spaceknights to replace them. However these cyborgs considered the other Galadorians inferior and started to systematically annihilate them in a bloody civil war. Rom and Brandy found only a handful of survivors still fighting against the second generation Spaceknights. Allying themselves with them and a few first generation Spaceknights who had also returned, Rom and Brandy took to fighting against the genocidal Spaceknights.


    This conflict resulted in the deaths of everyone on both sides except Rom and Brandy. Rom was restored to human form and the two planned to repopulate the planet with their children Rom #75. The "Spaceknights" miniseries featured Brandy and her grown-up sons.


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