Character » Brak appears in 19 issues.

    A feared space marauder who is an enemy of Space Ghost.

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    Brak first appeared in 1966 in the animated TV show "Space Ghost," in an episode called, "The Lure." Brak - as with most of Space Ghost's enemies - does not have any super-human powers and instead uses gadgets and weapons.

    Backstory: Very little is known about Brak's origins, however, one can speculate that due to Brak's catlike nature that his species might act like a pack of Lions would. Like the fact that he and his crew are the only ones of their kind in Space Ghost's Quadrant/system/galaxy. Lions behave in the same way, where each individual pack stays away from each other to protect their own resources. Brak also looks different from the others in his pack, which could show that he is the alpha or leader of his pack.

    Council of Doom: At one point Brak joined a team of Super-Villains called The "Council of Doom" an organization hellbent on destroying their mortal enemy, Space Ghost. The other members of the team were: Black Widow (also known as Spider Woman), Metallus, Creature King, Moltar and Zorak.

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast: SGC2C's version of Brak is a lovable dimwit rather than an intelligent space pirate. This was due to a case of brain damage he suffered from after he was defeated by Space Ghost. Despite that, he is a talented singer. Brak was a very popular character during Space Ghost Coast to Coast's run. Brak was also a major character in "Cartoon Planet". He was popular enough that he got his own spinoff series "The Brak Show" which ran from 2000 to 2003.


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