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    Brainstorm is an enemy of the Justice League who uses a helmet to boost his brain power.

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    This page is for the original Brainstorm. For the newest Brainstorms see Brainstorm (Lanse) .


    Discovering that human ideas, or "brainstorms", take place during peak periods of radiation emissions from the stars, Axel Storm finds a metal which attracts the stellar energy and uses it to form a helmet. The helmet soaks up stellar power and boosts his natural brain power, enabling him to fire lightning-like blasts which permit him to control anything they strike. The blasts also allow grant Storm the ability to animate lifeless objects and teleport himself or others.

    When his brother, Fred, a criminal, disappears, Storm blames Green Lantern and brings the entire Justice League of America to his headquarters to witness the hero's execution. However, learning that he himself had accidentally teleported his brother to France, Brainstorm flees on a golden hover-sled because his brain powers had been overtaxed.

    He returns numerous times over the years to battle the superheroes, as a team and individually.

    Justice League America

    Brainstorm is in a game of poker with Crowbar, Blackmass, the Cavalier, Sonar, Quakemaster, Blackrock and Wally Tortolini. In this game all the villains,bet their main gadget for causing mayhem against Wally's notebook of JLA secerts. When Wally wins with four aces, Brainstorm loses his helmet. Later after Wally leaves, the villains all sit at the bar, lamenting the lose of their unique gear. Then it comes on the TV that Wally is using their stuff to cause mayhem, and whats worse they are going to get blamed.

    When they confront Wally and take their stuff back, that is when the JLA show. Brainstorm is easily defeat by Fire because he forgot to tun on his helmet. Him and the rest of the villains are later. locked up.


    Brainstorm with other scientific geniuses and cybernetic beings made up the entity of Enginehead. Automan, Rosie, of the Demolition Team, Doctor Cyber, Ford, and Emil Hamilton were the other members. At some point after the series the group is separated but the fate of Axel is still unknown.

    In this series it is revealed that Brainstorm needs his helmet to have any sexual feelings. This is why he agrees to be part of Enginehead.

    The New 52

    There is a new Brainstorm that debuted against Michael Holt a.ka. Mister Terrific. This Brainstorm is not related to the original. He is Dominic Lanse, a silicon valley scientist who was working on downloading unique intellects into machines. His success was reversed by an accident that let him reverse the process and transfer those intellects into himself.


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