Character » Brains appears in 5 issues.

    Brains is the partner of Brawn, super-powered villains who call Tower City their home. They've fought against the likes of Dynamo 5, the Noble Family and Captain Dynamo.

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    Brains, and her partner Brawn, terrorized Tower City and fought against its former hero, Captain Dynamo several times. In time, the duo eventually left Tower City, looking for other places to do their work. Eventually, when robbing a bank, Brains and Brawn came against the might of the Noble Family. In the battle, Brains was injured.

    Maddie Warner, the mentor of Dynamo 5, realized that Brains and Brawn would return to Tower City until Brains was healed. Maddie took that opportunity to send two members of Dynamo 5, Scrap and Slingshot, to search and apprehend the criminal duo.

    They were able to find Brains and Brawn and almost defeated them, with some assistance from Scatterbrain, but they escaped.

    Before leaving Tower City, Brains and Brawn were approached by Bonechill and Voltage to join their ranks.


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