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I have to say that the episode 'Brain Drain' has to be the funiest epsiode about brainy to date. I mean he goes freakin' insane. Awsome! Someone please agree!!!
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i love the part where he dances with his head on that  spider like robot lol
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I totally remeber that episode and toally agree. That episode got my little brother into the show. It was totally hiliariouse such as one time in the episode he constantly bumps into a wall saying ouch ouch ouch. With lightning lad grabbing him saying it's like dealing with a two year old venusian williger. that was just too funny. The only annoying thing I had to do was explain to my then five year old brother about Brainy's state of mind at the time and had he been normal he wouldn't have been this stupid. I remeber the part where he was dancing as in Brainy and dancing really don't mix. The dancing was the other hiliariouse part.

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I remeber when he began dancing he says aw I hate caves. After Superman says Brainy we've got to get you into that cave. ''I have legs again I can dance.'' Too funny. My brother's favorite part was when Brainy was saying ''Red ants red ants superman shouldn't play with red ants.'' I knew by looking at the catoon closely that he was referring to the red sun. When my brither mentioned this to mom who has no idea about comics I had to say in simple langauge what was going on when it happened since Brainy is complicated esspecially when you don't read comic books that much. Though that episode totally lol.

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