Brain Boy

    Character » Brain Boy appears in 28 issues.

    U.S. Secret Service Agent with powerful psychic powers.

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    When a car driven by Mary Price and her husband crashes into a high voltage tower, Mary, who is seven months pregnant, receives a massive dose of electricity. Two months later, she gives birth to a boy who can read minds, levitate objects, fly, and control the actions of people and animals by entering their minds. Upon graduating from high school, Matt is contacted by Secret Service Agent Chris Ambers who is also a telepath. Ambers convinces the more powerful Price to work for the government and nicknames him Brain Boy because of his awesome powers.

    Brain Boy is headquartered in Washington, D.C., where the Secret Service maintains offices in "the building of the Organization of Active Anthropologists."

    Brain Boy was distinctive in that for its six-issue run, Matt was one of the few comic book superheroes who didn't wear a costume.


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