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    Brago is a Space Bandit who fist appeared in an episode of Space Ghost titled ''Brago." He uses henchmen to carry out crimes and is recognizable for the large "B" printed on his chest. He also uses various weapons such as blasters and destruct-missiles. He does not possess any kind of powers.

    Backstory: Though Brago's origins are cloudy, it is very possible that he is an ex-henchman of Tansit. This is most likely the case because Brago's tactic's are very similar to that of Tansit, as well as the fact that Tansit appeared in the series before Brago (this may not be that consequential because the events that happen in episodes are never referenced later on, so events may not be in the same order that the episodes are.) This could show that Brago quit being a henchmen for Tansit after he was defeated by Space Ghost in an attempt to hi-jack/rob a cargo ship.


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