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Brag was one of the three brothers born to be the leader of their tribe. However, it quickly became apparent to him that his brother Trigo commanded the respect of his people. He accepted this because he never wanted to be leader himself, he was a simple brave man and not an emperor or great leader.   


Brag was created by the writer Mike Butterworth in 1965 who worked for the publisher Fleetway at the time. His appearance was a collaboration between the writer and the artist Don Lawrence

Character evolution

In terms of character Brag changed very little. He remained the simple yet brave hunter from the rocky plains. He continued to long for those days even when the Trigan Empire had risen and he was to be its general. He took on the role but he never got any pleasure out of it. He did however have a great love for his son Janno and he showed his was willing to do anything to keep him safe. 

Major story arcs

The first arc revolved around the Rise of the Empire. Trigo had the idea to erect a great empire instead of constantly roaming the desert. While Brag declared him to be crazy he did go along with his ideas. His brother Klud had other ambitions however, he wanted to rule by himself. After Klud tried to assassinate his brother Trigo and after a series of events left Trigo poisoned. Klud joined forces with their common enemy to attack his own home and it was up to Brag to stop him now. He took up leadership and defeated the enemy forces. It wasn't until Trigo was healed that they truly took the offensive and beat down their enemies. In the fight Brag faced Klud again, but he was ultimately killed by his own forces. After this event Brag continued to support Trigo in all his adventures. 


Brag was a competent fighter rivalling his brothers skills. He was great at hunting and skilled with a sword and spear.

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