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    Race of humanoids with the natural ability to manipulate magnetic fields.

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    The alien race called the Brallians made their first appearance in the series Adventure Comics 247-The Legion of Super-Heroes. Brallians were created by the team of Otto Binder and Al Plastino.


    The natives of the world of Braal had the natural ability to generate and manipulate magnetic fields. Among their most famous members they are the Legionnaires Cosmic Boy and Magnetic Kid.

    Notable Brallians

    Cosmic Boy: Original founder of the famed Legion of Super-Heroes Cosmic Boy is the most well known Braalian.

    Magnetic Kid: the younger brother of Cosmic Boy he was also a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He died while in the line of duty during the Magic Wars.

    Magno: Another member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and a hero from the Magno-Ball games. He later lost his magnetic powers.

    Magno Lad: A rejected applicant to the Legion of Super-Heroes who was a famous Magnolia-Ball star. He would later become a member of both the Legion Rejects and the Legion of Super-Villians.

    Repulse: Fringe member of Braal who would later battle the Legion.

    Time Trapper: The future of Cosmic Boy, a terror of the time stream.


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