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the 1st Issue that had Bozo the Iron-man in it .
the 1st Issue that had Bozo the Iron-man in it .

The 1st Iron-Man
The 1st Iron-Man

Bozo the robot aka the Iron man was invented by a Dr. Van Thorp, whose evil plan was to use the innocent looking machine in a scheme to conquer the world. Like many would-be evil world conquerors, Dr. Van Thorp was in the habit of talking to himself just a little too loudly .He was overheard by his lab assistant Hugh Hazzard, who thereupon vanquished the villainous Dr. Van Thorp and glommed the robot for himself. From that day forward,Hugh has used Bozo only in the cause of thwarting evildoers.

1st issue that he was in was Smash Comics #1

  • First Appeared: 1939
    Creator: George Brenner
    In Smash Comics #1 (August, 1939), where the cover-featured story starred "Hugh Hazzard & His Iron Man". It was written and drawn by George Brenner (also responsible for The Clock, the first masked hero in comic books), using the name "Wayne Reid". Hugh and Bozo shared adventures in no less than 40 subsequent issues, but their billing shifted. In fact, after several alterations, it became simply "Bozo the Robot" — which was the title used whenever the series was mentioned but not featured on the cover, even at the very beginning. Then he became property of National Periodical Publications (D.C. Comics) in 1956, just like most other Quality characters, but thus far, has only been seen in cameo in Starman II#64, where he was seen to be part of a Japanese collector's hoard.
  • Gonzo was seen with other robot models Mekanique, Robotman, and various G.I. Robot models. The Robots were part of Sam Lane Hotel 1134.

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