Boy Commandos

    Team » Boy Commandos appears in 194 issues.

    A group of orphaned boys led by Rip Carter who fought for freedom during World War II.

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    Captain "Rip" Carter led four young boys through-out war torn Europe during World War II. The young boys were Alfy Twidgett from the United Kingdom, Andre Chavard from France, Daniel "Brooklyn" Turpin from America, and Jan Haasan from the Netherlands.

    On one mission they would run into a person who would become an archenemy, Agent Axis. Agent Axis was known as "the vengeful arm of Heinrich Himmler", would later be unmasked as a beautiful woman.

    They would go stateside and join forces with the Guardian and the original Newsboy Legion to take down Boss Moxie and Agent Axis.

    The boys would be interchanged during the war. A boy named Tex from Texas would join when Alfy went off to college and a boy named Percy Clearwater would stand-in for Andre. The group stayed together through their teens and separated when they reached adulthood.

    "Rip" Carter had a very successful career in the military and reached the rank of General. Andre Chavard would become the commander of the spy agency for France, Department Gamma. Alfy Twidgett formed Statistical Occurrences Limited, a specialized insurance agency, dealing with super hero or super villain involvement along with paranormal forces that may be involved. Jan Haasan became a professor for the Strategic Studies in the Hague. Dan Turpin would join the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit.

    The Boy Commandos would have one adventure together minus Turpin. They ran into a European industrialist named Klaus Cornelius who had disbanded Europe's super hero team the Global Guardians and was attempting to resurrect Agent Axis.

    It is unknown if the resurrection failed, though Klaus did have a small run-in with the Power Company.

    The Boy Commandos roster consists of Rip Carter, Alfy, Percy, Tex, Andre, Jan and Brooklyn.


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