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      He is a scientific genius. His father was the greatest bowling ball detective of all time but disappeared in a mysterious strike. There is this subculture of bowling pins he has to deal with, and his archenemy is Negaball


    He was created by....where do bowling balls come from any way? yeah, where-ever that is, he was created. Oh, I know, the stork brought him!  
    There was rumors, however, that he was created by a man name Silvani, but somehow this seems less plosable.

    Character Evolution

    Do Bowling balls evolve? and if so, what has this ball evolved from? Oh, they evolved from blocks of stone, which in turn evolved from a single block of stone.
    However, in evolving Bowling ball Darkwing's family became awesome!

    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
     He is one of many Alternate Darkwings (or as the author of this bio calls the " Darkwings of the Multiverse") who were captured by Negaduck (normal) and Magica De Spell ("That voice, where have I heard that voice?") and hypnotized to attack the citizens of St. Canard (prime universe version, of course). When Quiverwing Duck was released from the spell of De Spell, he also released his fellow alternates. With the help these alternates, such as Bowling ball Darkwing and many others, Darkwing Prime and Quiverwing were able to defeat the combined power of Negaduck and (new comer to the fight) Paddywhack!
    Being an a being of great intellegence, Bowling ball darkwing was able to reverse engineer the subway system which Negaduck had used to abduct them to send them back their normal universes.
    F.O.W.L. Disposition
    When Morgana McCawber was changing up reality so they could defeat the menace known only as " Duckthulhu", Bowling ball Darkwing's reality was seen along side its hero!

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