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Bounty is a Karidian whose planet was once saved by the Silver Surfer, who stopped their sun from exploding. While he did this, he was attacked by the Intergalactic Coalition of Survivors. The Surfer defeated them and left them stranded in orbit above the planet. He asked them to help the Karidians.

But the Coalition did not help. They attacked the Karidians, demanding they help them get their revenge on the Surfer. The Karidians refused and fought against them, Bounty included.

Bounty was captured by the Coalition. He was given a choice, help destroy the Silver Surfer or they would detonate a doomsday device above the planet's capital city. Bounty reluctantly agreed to help.

They forced Bounty to be experimented on and he was turned into a weapon designed specifically to battle the Surfer. If he was to fail, the doomsday device would be detonated. He tracked the Surfer across the universe to many planets before catching up with him on Earth, in New York City.

Bounty had no ill will toward the Surfer, in fact he was grateful for saving his world. But his hand was forced. He attempted to finish the Surfer off, complete with devastating blast weapons and and energy shield to protect him. The Surfer was able to defeat him and agreed to return with him to his home world. He arrived and was able to destroy the doomsday device. This forced a power struggle within the Coalition and Bounty remained on his world, grateful once again to the Surfer.

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