Character » Bounty appears in 17 issues.

    The character Bounty lives in the Marvel universe. She works as a space bounty hunter and has a reputation for always capturing whoever she goes after.

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    Bounty is very determined to capture whoever she goes after no mater what or who she has to go through in order to get them. This aggressive personality has caused her to have clashes with several different heroes including Spider man and the Fantastic Four. Because of one of these clashes she had with the Fantastic Four she damaged their headquarters. She did at one time have romantic feelings for the Thing.

    Bounty has a reputation of being an impressive fighter. She also has a bad temper. On the other hand she also has a feminine side that she will allow to show through her tough exterior if she is talking with someone she trusts. She will also use her feminine side to manipulate people to get what she needs from them.

    Bounty has demonstrated signs of extraordinary strength, a very sharp and sensitive sense of smell, and has the knowledge and skill to use many different weapons. One interesting thing she can also do is she can drink a huge amount of Earth’s alcohol without it affecting her. This would be very useful if she wanted to get information out of someone, she could drink with them, and while they would become drunk and maybe tell things they normally would not she can match them drink for drink and it not have any effect on her. Thus she could keep her wits about her while the others would lose theirs.. She has also grown from 5'10 to around 7 feet overe the course of her appearences. It is unknown whether this has been controlled or not. Since she has not been seen recently she could possibly have grown past 7 foot.

    Bounty was also associated with the Bacchae, a new generation of Amazons formed from female runaways in New York.


    Height: Possible 7'0 (Formerly 5'10)

    Weight: Variable

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Brown


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