Character » Botfly appears in 11 issues.

    Scientist Amanda Becket specializes in the botfly larva, creating human/botfly hybrids. She has came into conflict with the Doom Patrol first on her own, and later as a member of the Front Men.

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    A scientist who specializes in the botfly larva, Amanda Becket experimented on herself, turning her into a botfly/human hybrid. Her lab in Buena Suerte was attacked by the Doom Patrol, who destroyed the cradles in which she had been creating her hybrids. Attack choppers apparently connected to her killed the Doom Patrol member Nudge on the Patrol's exit.

    At some point, Mr. Somebody recruited her into his corporate backed Front Men. He had been supplying her with vagrants to use as test subjects in her experiments. The hybrids were used to take down and keep Elasti-Girl captive after a botched attack on the Front Men's headquarters. They were also used in the Doom patrol's subsequent assault on their headquarters.

    Botfly has proven useful against the Doom Patrol in a non-physical way as well. The raid on Thayer Enterprises was caught on tape by the press. The Front Men had been given specific instructions to play this up. Botfly had been told to accuse the Patrol of making her into the monster she was - which some of the public bought into.


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