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    Botanica is a member of the Maximals. She used her skills with plants to help reclaim Cybertron from Megatron. Her alternate form is very unique from other Maximals as instead of taking the form of an animal, she chose the form of a sentient plant.

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    Botanica was part of a exploratory crew studying plant life but when she returned to Cybertron to answer a false distress call, her ship was shot down by the Megatron's forces. she was exposed to his virus, causing her to revert to a primal state. The Maximals found her and she attacked, but Optimus, seeing symptoms of the virus, realized she was a Transformer and reformatted her, becoming  technorganic as well as a new ally. She at first was a pacifist, spending more time tending to the Maximals' orchard than fighting Megatron, fearing to become like Megatron until the Matrix explained how  much the planet was in distress and Botanica joined the fight.  
         After Megatron was presumed destroyed, Botanica returned to tending to the orchard with the help of Rattrap. During an argument with Rattrap, the both of them ended up kissing. Both at first suggested to emediately remove it from memory, but later on their feelings grew for each other. Megatron, revived, sent his army to attack the base of the Maximals salvaged from the supposed defeat of the Vehicon Commander, forcing the Maximals to put up the shields, which began to weaken Botanica as she was separated from the organic core. Rattrap put her in a pod and launched her back to the planet, which exposed the weakness of the bases shields.  
    When Megatron was finally destroyed and the planet was reformatted, Botanica and Rattrap began a relationship, to which Rattrap replied " So I'm a tree hugger. Deal with it". 


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