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    A Trandoshan bounty hunter who is skilled with his weaponry.

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    Bossk like every Trandoshan, was born from an egg sac. But unlike every Trandoshan, Bossk was special he would one day become one of the most, if not the most feared Bounty Hunter in the entire Galaxy. Judging at first glance it would appear as nothing special, seeing one pale egg sac setting amongs a sea of other egg sacs. But when Bossk emerged and devored every single one of his brothers and sisters(other then in canon when it is revealed that one of his sisters survived), you knew the tiny Trandoshan was far from average. His father Cradossk’s heart nearly exploded with joy when he saw what his dear boy Bossk had done. A smile spead menacingly across the lizard man’s lips. This would be the perfect symbology for Bossks always violent and never dull bounty hunting career.

    Bossk was born on the trandoshan homeworld of trandosha. He is a Trandoshan which is a reptile like alien. And they worship a female deity whom they affectionately call the ScoreKeeper, The ScoreKeeper rewards them for successful hunts. In turn this makes Wookies a prime Target, nothing says great hunt like coming home dragging a limp freshly killed Wookie carcass. So not only can the Trandoshans find great sport in killing the Wookies but it’s also a religious requirement.

    Bossk, was hatched some fifty three years before the battle of Yavin, and Quickly became the number one Wookie hunter in all of Kashyyk. His name was to be feared even among the mighty Wookies, who did not know the meaning of fear. Under the rule of the Old Republic, the bloody sport of Wookie hunting was illegal and done in secret, scouting parties were constantly trying to avoid the law. But, under the Empire’s rule Wookies were now considered a slave species, and soon Bossk and crew were paid handsomely to track and catch them alive, making a living Wookie a great boon for all Trandoshan hunters. Bossk scored thousands of Wookie pelts, and hundreds of live slave Wookies. Furthering his father’s already deep running respect.

    His father Cradossk, headed the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, the oldest guild in Galactic history, and the most feared of any hunter’s guild. He made Bossk a full member.

    On Bossk’s first guild assignment, he was sent on a journey into the war ravaged Qotile, in Pursuit of a Militia desserter from the Stark Hyper Space System War, who had most recently set himself up a the king of Qotile, Bossk bagged the mark with ease, murdering the king’s entire guard in the process. The absolutely horrified civilians were quick to dub Bossk the “Monarch of the Qotile System.”.

    As Bossk quickly and efficiently racked up bounty after bounty, mark after mark, victory after victory, and kill after kill. He grew extremely and fervently popular amongst the other young recruits in the Bounty Hunters Guild. His name was spreading through the underground ears of the Galaxy.

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    Even through all of this great success the killer Trandoshan, experienced his first setback, and a rare setback at that it would not be something that was familiar to the murderous Bossk. It was on Gandolo IV, where this rare setback occurred. And it was when he tried to single handedly capture a pack of Wookies, amongst these Wookies was the legendary smuggler/pilot Chewbacca. Bossk had the upper hand going into the battle, he was easily out gunning Chewie and the other Wookies, by sitting in his ship and using the turrets. That was until Han Solo, Chewbacca’s crewmate showed up in the Millennium Falcon, and parked it right on top of Bossk small freighter ship, crushing it like a tin can. Sealing Bossk inside. Assuming Bossk for dead, Solo and crew left. Bossk still very much alive and unharmed, Cut his way out of the freighter and hitched a ride back home on a Manure barge. Embarrassed by this, Bossk then poured every credit he had into a replacement ship. It was an advanced YV-666 model freighter named the “Hounds Tooth”. He also purchased a smaller backup vessel called the “Captivator”. Bossk during this time also tried to capture a valuable, priceless statue called the “Yavin Vassilika” in a bounty run-off, in which multiple hunters were racing for the same prize. Ultimately he lost the bounty to a rival.

    After the Battle of Yavin, Bossk became familiar with such setbacks, for they came more frequently. And it was angering for the young Trandoshan to be outshined again and again. Most of these were due to the emergence of the Galaxies most famous bounty hunter Boba Fett. Were it not for Fett, Bossk would have recovered an extremely valuable droid for Jabba the Hutt, He also would have captured Nil Posondum for Kud’ar Mub’at. So when Boba Fett petioned for a membership in the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. Bossk reacted with suspicion and outright boiling hot hostility. His instincts soon proved to be correct. Fett had joined the Bounty Hunter’s Guild to destroy it, from the inside out.

    After a fiasco that occurred on a mission to the planet of the Shell Huts, Bossk decided that he would claim his birthright. In the traditional Trandoshan way, He assassinated his own father, and gorged himself on the corpse. This however played right into Boba Fett’s plans. For the Bounty Hunter’s Guild then split into two factions, those whom supported Bossk and those who felt he was not ready for the role of Guild master. The Two side were sent into an almost immediate war. The Guild Reform Committee headed by Bossk vs. the True Guild which consisted of Loyalists to Cradossk. Anxious for money, and short on his power base, Bossk grudgingly teamed with Fett and Zuckuss to claim the imperial bounty on a rouge Stormtrooper named Trhin Voss’on’t, Fett unsurprisingly double crossed Bossk and Zuckuss, Stealing the captive, and the bounty.

    At this point in time was when, Bossk finally accepted the fact that the waning Bounty Hunter’s Guild would never again achieve the prominence, it had enjoyed under his father’s leadership. He began working as a freelance bounty hunter, Accepting more and more freelance assignments. On one occasion working yet again with the much hated rival Boba Fett, to attempt to capture the even more hated Han Solo. Bossk, Fett, and Seven other bounty hunters captured and brought Solo to Ord Mantell. But the Corellian escaped before they could come to an agreement on a suitable reward.

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    At the Battle of Hoth, Bossk numbered among five other elite bounty hunters, hand picked by the dark lord Vader himself, to find the Millennium Falcon, which was harboring fugitives of the empire, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Leia Organa. As he prepared for departure from lord Vader’s Super Star Destroyer, Bossk ran into Tinian L’att and her Wookie partner Chenlambec. Two of the hunter’s that had failed to make Darth Vader’s cut. They claimed to have a lead on Solo’s whereabouts, and Bossk accepted them as crewmates aboard the “Hounds Tooth” but only as temporary partners. He had plans to double-cross them at the very earliest opportunity, and Skin the Wookie’s pelt from Chenlambec’s hide for an extra reward. But Tinian and Chenlambec had their own double-cross in mind. They tricked Bossk into assaulting a prison full of Wookies on the planet Lombau III that had been set as a trap for the rebel fleet. The local imperial governor, absolutely outraged and infuriated at Bossk’s interference. Had him thrown into a holding cell. He planned to flay the flesh from the Trandoshan, and make a scale coat from it for his wife.

    Bossk dug his way through stone and freed himself from the prison. He then recaptured the “Hound’s Tooth” from the traitorous duo, Tinian and Chenlambec. Meanwhile, Fett had Captured Solo at Bespin. Since he had already lost out on the Solo Bounty, Bossk accepted an assignment from Lady Domina Tagge to obtain a set of rare gemstones int the Red Nebula, in which he succeeded. A short time later he teamed up with the droid Bounty Hunter IG-88 on Stenos but failed in the mission to capture Lando Calrissian for an angry business man named Drebble.

    During a quick stopover on Corellia, Bossk shot and killed a CorSec officer by the name of Hal Horn. He was then imprisoned by Horn’s son Corran, But fortunately for Bossk, and Imperial officer named Kirtan Loor arranged a settlement for his release.

    Back in the hunting business once again, Bossk learned that, despite the many, many weeks that had come and gone since Boba Fett had walked away with the Han Solo Bounty, Fett still had not delivered the Carbonite covered prisoner that was Solo to Jabba the Hutt yet. Teaming up with a familiar face from his past named Zuckuss and a new Hunter named 4-LOM, Bossk attempted to disable Fett’s ship the “Slave 1” and hijack the Carbonite Covered Solo Slab. But he ended up only damaging his precious “Hound’s Tooth” in the failure of the process.

    Looking to make some fast credits. Bossk and several other bounty hunters, accepted temporary employment with Quaffug the Hutt on the third Moon of Blimph. While there, he was offered the Chance of a lifetime to once a gain hunt Lando Calrissian, but the wily sheating gambler that was Lando outsmarted both Bossk and Quaffug. Bossk extremely frustrated by his recent short comings, took a trip to the dessert planet of Tatooine.

    Immediately following the death of the Crime Lord Jabba the Hutt, Bossk discovered Boba Fett’s ship the “Slave 1” drifting in Tatooine’s orbit. Believing Fett to be dead, and now a permanent resident of the Sarlac Pit. Bossk went and attempted to steal Fett’s “Slave 1”. Fett however was very much alive, and yet again bested Bossk by tricking him into believing that the “Hound’s Tooth” was set to explode, Bossk escaped using the “Captivator”. Allowing Fett to steal and take command of the “Hound’s Tooth”.

    Broke and without his infamous “Hound’s Tooth”, Bossk was now the laughing stock of all of Mos Eisley. He was as surprised as everyone else was Fett returned and offered him a fortune, in exchange for some old evidence stored in a droids data banks. Evidence that Fett needed desperately to unravel a conspiracy involving the owner of the Kuat Shipyards. Suddenly Wealthy again, Bossk bought a brand new ship and returned to the Bounty Hunting circuit again.

    Bossk for the third time, nearly nabbed Lando Calrissian. This time on Keyorin, with help from the reprogrammed husk of IG-88A, But Clarissian managed to escape him making it a trifecta of failures for Bossk vs. Lando Calrissian.

    The years passed, and Bossk grew old and rescanned with age. After the imperial-ne republic peace accords, he retired from the professional bounty hunting circuit. However he still killed when he had the opportunity for the shear thrill of it. Twenty Two long years after the Battle on Endor Bossk ran into an aging Han Solo, on a space station orbiting Ord Mantell. The news of Chewbacca’s death on Sernpidal had warmed Bossk’s old heart, and he couldn’t resist taunting Solo with it. Bossk should have seen the punch coming, but he was no longer a young spry Trandoshan bounty hunter, he was just an old lizard. The shattered snout, and mouthful of loose razor teeth, taught him that next time he would need to be just a little quicker on his feet.

    Bossk still lives, but it has yet to be told of what he has been doing recently.


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