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Shortly after the Cataclysm, martial law was declared all over the globe and the mutation rate skyrocketed, with many traits of existing mutants and paranormals being transferred and multiplied. In time only mutants could reproduce and everyone else had to be cloned. Captain America recruited as many super beings as he could to create an entire army of Avengers. In time they passed on their technologies and donated genetic material which led to the Boss Enforcement Council.


The Boss Enforcement Council were created by Jeff Parker although blatantly and admittedly is inspired by Judge Dredd.

Team Evolution

Captain America, Punisher, Venom, Wolverine, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Nova and Cyclops are all seen as part of Captain America's Avengers Army - whether they were actual members of the "Avengers" or the Boss Enforcement Council is not shown.

Major Story Arcs


The Thunderbolts are sent forward into the future where they encounter Boss Cage, a member of the Boss Enforcement Council, who targets them as being curfew-breaking mutants. After a battle with the team in which Boss Cage is defeated, he turns to a last resort and nukes the entire area. Boss Cage is later decommissioned by the Boss Enforcement Council and vengefully seeks to get even with the Thunderbolts who cost him his job and only passion in life.


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