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Boss Cage is the fourth in a series of clones of Danny Cage - Danielle Cage's son and Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' grandson - in the distant future following the Rigellian Cataclysm on Earth. Boss Cage is a faithful and dedicated officer with the Boss Enforcement Council.


Boss Cage was created by Jeff Parker and Kev Walker and first appeared in Dark Avengers #177. He admittedly is based heavily on Judge Dredd.

Character Evolution

Boss Cage is incredibly devoted to his job and refuses to ever take his helmet off. He is highly respected by his colleagues and has served with the Boss Enforcement Council for 34 years. Despite their respect, the only one he shares an actual connection with is Boss Sanders.

Major Story Arcs


When the Thunderbolts arrived in the future, they are instantly engaged by Boss Cage who mistakes them for Outlanders who are breaking curfew. After being beat by the Thunderbolts, Boss Cage resorts to detonating a nuke in a bid to obliterate them. He is reprimanded for his actions by the Boss Enforcement Council and decommissioned. He now seeks revenge on the Thunderbolts (who survived his attempt to nuke them, obviously) for causing him to lose his job and his only passion in life.


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