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Plot Summary

Wolverine regained parts of his memories and it’s looking bleak for the organization he’s after. His first order of business is finding the mole in the White House, but as he gets there he finds out that  things aren't going to be that easy. He managed to outsmart SHIELD and get to the woman he believes to be the mole but before he got any answers out of her, she was killed by a massive robot. Wolverine quickly defeated the robot by cutting it in half with the Muramasa blade. The government quickly becomes worried and send in their biggest weapon. A man that Logan has tortured over the years, killed his parents and made him do horrible things in the Vietcong war while he was under the influence of the government. A man upgraded by the government to be the next Wolverine and now he’s ready to face Logan in battle, his name is Nuke.

As the fight ensues between to the two, Logan is able to cut off both Nuke's legs but Captain America comes in out of nowhere and stops Logan before he can finish the job. They fight but Captain America manages to get the upper hand with the help of the Muramasa sword. Captain America believes Nuke is his responsibility for being a failed super soldier but Logan tells him otherwise. When Captain America drops his guard Logan takes advantage of the situation and reverses the roles however Hellion, Cyclops and Emma Frost intervene. After a short skirmish Emma puts an end to the battle and reveals to Logan that he has a son. He survived when Sabretooth killed Silver Fox, his love. Logan remembers what happened with the help of Emma and leaves, giving the Muramasa sword to Cyclops, knowing that he won’t hesitate to kill him if or when he turns into an animal again. He leaves them to find his son, to make sure he doesn’t become what Logan himself has become.

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