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    "Daredevil: Born Again" is a story arc in Marvel Comics' Daredevil, it ran from #227-233 and it was written by Frank Miller and drawn by David Mazzucchelli.

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    Karen Page, former lover and secretary of Matt Murdock/Daredevil and one of the few people to know his secret identity, had became a junkie porn star. On her need to get a shot of heroine, Page sells Daredevil´s secret I.D. unchaining a series of events that would drive Hell´s Kitchen vigilante near to insanity.

    The indiscretion of Page soon reaches the Kingpin´s hands; who is more than eager to prove the information is true.

    In a period of six month, Matt Murdock´s life becomes a living hell. His accounts are frozen by the IRS, the bank forecloses his home and even a police lieutenant, Nicholas Manolis, with a clean past, testifies against Murdock accusing him of buying witnesses. Also Murdock is barred from practicing law.

    Murdock considers this to be just a strike of "bad luck", being unable to see his archenemies hand behind it. That is until the Kingpin went too far, bombing Murdock´s house. After this event, Murdock was convinced that it was his nemesis the responsible for this mayhem.

    Unhinged and with poor mental health, Murdock has now become paranoid, and even suspects of his partner and best friend, Foggy Nelson and his former girlfriend, Glorianna O´Breen, of being part of the conspiracy against him and being allies to the Kingpin.

    Ben Urich, a personal friend of Murdock and reporter for the Daily Bugle, investigates his friend´s situation, discovering the Kingpin´s involvement. The Kingpin finds this out and soon forces Urich into silence through violent actions. In a very poor condition and not finding any other way to solve his situation, Murdock faces the Kingpin and is easily taken down by the crime lord. Murdock is then drenched in whiskey and strapped into a taxi cab that is later pushed off a pier into the East River.


    Murdock manages his way out the cab and is found homeless, severely injured and almost unable to walk. Rambling through Hell´s Kitchen, only his will power maintains him on feet. He is stabbed by a thug in an alley and later hit by a car. He is rescued by a nun, known as Sister Maggie (who is later revealed to be his mother), who aids him and nurses him back to health. Page reappears being hunted by the Kingpin´s men as part of the order he gave to disappear everyone who had touched the envelope where Daredevil´s secret ID was on. She is now in a relationship with an abusive drug dealer named Paulo Scorcese. She came back in an attempt to find Murdock. She is unable to find him, but she finds Nelson instead who protects her from Paulo.

    The Kingpin is sure by now that Murdock is alive and becomes obsessed with finding him. He orders the "nurse" that killed the only source Ben Urich had to kill the reporter.

    He releases a violent psychopath from an asylum who dresses up as Daredevil to kill both Page and Nelson to make Murdock reappear. However, Murdock destroys the Kingpin´s plans in both cases. He takes back his costume and saves Page from Scorcese and a hitman sent by the Kingpin. They are finally reunite and Murdock comforts Page, telling her he has gotten over the loss of his material possessions.


    In a major mistake, the Kingpin uses his connections in the military to release the super soldier known as Nuke (Frank Simpson), who is sent to attack Hell´s Kitchen. Dozens of civilian are killed and this is when Daredevil reappears for the first time since his house is destroyed.

    After a mayor battle with Nuke, Daredevil defeats him after a while and the Avengers appear to take custody of Nuke. Captain America distrusts of the answers given to him by Nuke´s superiors in the Army and breaks into Nuke´s files in a computer, discovering that Nuke was the only survivor of an attempt to recreate the Project Rebirth, the one that originally gave Captain America´s powers.

    Nuke manage to escape custody and heads towards the Daily Bugle to attack it, he is stopped by the Cap and the military tries to kill him.

    Nuke does not die immediately after the attack and is taken by Daredevil to the Bugle, after realizing that he wouldn´t make it to the Hospital. This was to prove the Kingpin´s influence in the military. Fisk´s image as an honest man is completely shaken though avoiding jail.

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