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An alien called Bork, from the planet Molanto, is the founder of the Black Council. The souls of their race inhabit demons after they die. To free these souls, the demons of the underworld must be merged with the universe. The two planets chosen for this resuscitation was Earth and Rann.

The Brave and the Bold

After living a life of crime in Gotham City, Bork eventually performed an act of kindness, saving a young boy from drowning. He is given a magical statue from the boy's people and he becomes invulnerable to physical harm. The Flash eventually destroys the statue and Bork loses his abilities. While serving a prison sentence, he begins to mutate and regains his invulnerability and discovers that he has super strength; however, he takes on a monstrous form as well. He escapes from prison to visit his mother and Batman convinces him to go back to prison in exchange for taking care of his mother's health.

After making parole, Bork desires to find legitimate employment; however, his past crimes and monstrous form make it impossible. Josiah Power comes to him and asks him to become an associate with the heroes-for-hire Power Company.

He was kidnapped and forced to fight in Roulette's underground metahuman brawls, fighting against Son of Vulcan.


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