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    Boris was a friend of Werner von Doom the father of Doctor Doom, whom he faithfully served. He is the father of Valeria

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    Boris is the father to Victor Von Doom's childhood sweetheart, Valeria. He was a close friend to Victor's father, Werner. Boris agreed to look after Victor when Werner inevitibly died. Werner wanted him to keep Victor from falling into his mother's sorcery. Victor believed Boris was there to protect him, but his real mission was to protect the world from him, by keeping him away from his mother's evil path. He encouraged Victor to become a medical doctor like his father to heal people and use his talents and intelligence to help others, but Victor denied this advice and grew into the infamous Doctor Doom.

    Boris is the faithful servant of Doom. His primary serice to Doom is to keep him company and to make arrangements for him. It is possible, Boris is the only living person for whom Doom really cares. Doom has even referred to him as "the one man I called friend."


    • Gender - Male
    • Eyes - Brown
    • Hair - Gray

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