Boris & Natasha

    Movie » Boris & Natasha released on April 17, 1992.

    Hokey Smoke! The Funniest spies the cartoon world has ever seen are now real characters (and they weren’t already)?! Dave Thomas and Sally Kellerman star in this uproarious comedy adventure featuring those unforgettable nogoodniks from “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show,” Boris And Natasha!

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    Funny, but not like show

    This Movie was alright. For anyone who has not seen the Rocky and his Friends/Bullwinkle show (which everyone should) this would be funny and just wacky.
    For people, myself, who have seen Rocky and Bullwinkle, the movie was alright. I sort of picture this movie as a alternate Jay Ward world where love can happen and explanations can be inserted into the program. I was sort of bummed that the actors did not keep with the Pottsylvanian (Rushian-spoffed) accents.
    With that said, I must give it credit. It was a funny movie. It had a very wacky Narrator much similar to the one on the show who really tried hard to be like William Conrad and he did a good attempt at the greatness. I liked how they had unexpected plot twists. Quite fun. They also did some good spoofs on places and people.
    My favorite part of the whole movie was where they had this Fan of Natasha come up to her and say that she was just like her and that she could do the "same" accent. This fan was actually June Foray (the original Natasha Fatale on the Show).
    all in all, alright. Not my favorite film based on a Jay Ward movie, but good. Some might enjoy its wackiness. Remember, Its good to be bad!


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