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Borgo is the deformed assistant of Ludwig Frankenstein. He is treated very poorly by the Doctor.

Borgo had finally had enough of his torment and Frankenstein's evil plans and threw him out of the castle window, seemingly killing himself and the Doctor. Bur Borgo survived only to lose the use of his legs. He was taken in by Herr Muller and his wife and treated well before he went back to live in the castle. There he was met by Victor's daughter Victoria
At Borgo's request, she placed him in Victor's X-Machine surrounded by clay. This transformed him into the last creator of Victor, a copy of the Silver Surfer. Borgo then waged his war on humanity for his mistreatment. Doctor Strange intervened and in his fury, Borgo killed Herr Muller's wife. Unable to bear what he had done, Borgo flew into a mountain killing himself.

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