Team » Border appears in 128 issues.

    Border is an independent organization that studied Neighbor technology and defend Mikado City from Neighbor's attacks.

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    Border (ボーダー, Bōdā)


    Border appear in Mikado City, when the first Neighbor invasion told place. They repelled the invading Neighbor forces and build a giant base and set up defensive measures against the Neighbors


    Border Positions


    All-Rounders are combination of close quarter and long range combat. Their role on the team are the tactician. They normally use Blades and Guns type Triggers.


    Attackers are pure close quarter combat. Their role on the team are attacking and decoy. They normally use Blades type Triggers.


    Gunners are mid range combat. Their role on the team are




    Border Squads

    Un-Rank Squad


    • All-Rounder:(Captain) Reiji Kizaki
    • Attacker: Kirie Konami
    • All Rounder: Kyosuke Karasuma
    • Operator: Shiori Usami

    A-Rank Squads

    Tachikawa Squad

    • Attacker:(Captain) Kei Tachikawa
    • Shooter: Kohei Izumi
    • Gunner: Takeru Yuiga
    • Operator: Yu Kunichika

    Kazama Squad

    • Attacker:(Captain) Soya Kazama
    • All-Rounder: Ryo Utagawa
    • Attacker: Shiro Kikuchihara
    • Operator: Kaho Mikami

    Arashiyama Squad

    • All-Rounder:(Captain) Jun Arashiyama
    • All-Rounder: Ai Kitora
    • All-Rounder: Mitsuru Tokieda
    • Sniper: Ken Satori
    • Operator: Haruka Ayatsuji

    Miwa Squad

    • All-Rounder:(Captain) Shuji Miwa
    • Sniper: Shohei Kodera
    • Attacker: Yosuke Yoneya
    • Sniper: Toru Narasaka
    • Operator: Ren Tsukimi

    Kusakabe Squad

    • Attacker: Shun Midorikawa

    Fuyushima Squad

    • Sniper: Isami Toma

    Kako Squad

    • Shooter:(Captain) Nozomi Kako
    • Attacker: Futaba Kuroe

    B-Rank Squads

    Ninomiya Squad

    • Shooter:(Captain) Masataka Ninomiya
    • Gunner: Sumiharu Inukai
    • Attacker: Shinnosuke Tsuji
    • Operator: Aki Hiyami

    Kageura Squad

    • Attacker:(Captain) Masato Kageura
    • Sniper: Yuzuru Ema
    • Gunner: Hiro Kitazoe
    • Operator: Hikari Nire

    Azuma Squad

    • Sniper:(Captain) Haruaki Azuma
    • Attacker: Tsuneyuki Okudera
    • Attacker: Noboru Koarai
    • Operator: Mako Hitomi

    Tamakoma-2 Squad

    • Shooter:(Captain) Osamu Mikumo
    • Attacker: Yuma Kuga
    • Sniper: Chika Amatori
    • Operator: Shiori Usami

    Suwa Squad

    • Gunner:(Captain) Kotaro Suwa
    • Gunner: Daichi Tsutsumi
    • Attacker: Hisato Sasamori
    • Operator: Rui Kosano

    Chano Squad

    • Gunner:(Captain) Makoto Chano
    • Gunner: Ituski Fujisawa
    • Operator: Megumi Tokura

    Arafune Squad

    • Sniper:(Captain) Tetsuji Arafune
    • Sniper: Atsushi Hokari
    • Sniper: Yoshito Hanzaki
    • Operator: Rin Kagami

    Kakizaki Squad

    • All-Rounder:(Captain) Kuniharu Kakizaki
    • All-Rounder: Fumika Teruya
    • Gunner: Kotaro Tomoe
    • Operator: Madoka Ui

    Suzunari-1 Squad

    • Gunner:(Captain) Tatsuya Kuruma
    • Attacker: Ko Murakami
    • Sniper: Taichi Betsuyaku
    • Operator: Yuka Kon

    Nasu Squad

    • Shooter:(Captain) Rei Nasu
    • Attacker: Yuko Kumagai
    • Sniper: Akane Hiura
    • Operator: Sayoko Shiki


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